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April 20th, 2009

The shoots of recovery...are video shoots
These are the days to relish positive signs and tell tales of success. Property prices increased in March, the sun is shining, and Obama says "yes we can". Everyone's looking for good news stories and confident businesses to trade with.

A study by web video pioneers Real Networks shows a massive increase in visitor retention, relationship warmth, and sales, caused by having video on a company's website. When website visitors were asked if seeing video increased their comfort level in doing business, nearly three quarters said yes.

Signalize produces web ads and short promotional videos for website hosting. Now is the time to broadcast your business. What's more, there is funding available to help with the cost.

For instance, for businesses seeking overseas trade, a video that greets a visitor in their own language is well on its way to prompting a relationship. Signalize offer a 90 second web video, scripted, shot and edited, then translated, formatted and presented in auto-detected multiple languages (whereby web browsers from Spain receive the video in Spanish, those from Germany in German, and so on) for about £2500 - but half this cost is met by the Dept of UK Trade & Investment.

Other deals are available for businesses seeking only domestic trade. Contact Signalize to find out more, or make a free appointment to outline your objectives.

Your only commitment is to your own business.



April 8th, 2009

Learn a lesson from NBC... and SIGNALIZE
Just to rub it in I have returned from a holiday in America. Don't feel too envious: for the first week it was 4° below and a foot of snow.

I found interesting a report on NBC about the unexpected success of its online programming. A survey found that 30% of people "hooked" on a show, watched the online "ReWind" showing as well (large numbers watched at work but they didn't explore that) and of benefit to the viewers was the absence of sponsors' messages.

A short(er) concise video of material previously viewed was attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers to the NBC website daily. Could your business make use of a large number of people visiting your website, viewing your sales messages, exploring your site, learning of your products or services?

Hopefully you said, "Yes".

A Signalize Corporate Video, tailored to your business and playing on your website could do just that for you. Not just once or twice but 24/7-365. However you want to say it and with no sponsor's message, just yours.

It costs nothing to contact Signalize and find out what they can do for you.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


March 31st, 2009

Online corporate video - small is beautiful
According to research recently released by Ipsos MediaCT, today's consumers are more likely to view video entertainment online, rather than using "traditional" viewing options such as DVDs or television. And this preference for viewing video online isn't confined to a limited demographic group, it is a common trend from 12 year old girls right through to adults over the age of 55. In fact, they conclude that online video streaming has become a mainstream activity rather than a fad for geeks and nerds. This data also shows that these same web-savvy consumers demonstrate a preference for short video clips [Source: Ipsos, February 2009].

And this preference amongst online consumers for shorter video clips is backed up by research carried out by comScore, which found that the duration of the average online video was 3.5 minutes [Source: comScore Video Metrix, February 2009].

So if you want people to visit your organisation's website you need video. And a small but beautifully formed web ad will encourage the casual browser to linger, return and become your customer. Signalize know corporate video. And they know how to make corporate video work for you.

Contact Signalize today and book your free consultation.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


March 10th, 2009

It Doesn't Have to Be an Epic
If you're thinking of a web video you'd be ill-advised to consider commissioning an epic. Although technology and bandwidth both now allow you to stream a full length feature movie on your website (and Signalize has the in-house facilities to produce, edit and format that feature if it's a feature you really want!) for the most part your average Internet user just doesn't have the attention span needed to appreciate such an offering.

Your video should be relevant, communicative, rapidly playable and rapidly engrossing. It should have a message worth delivering, and it should deliver that message promptly. By all means make it entertaining, and if it has enough caché for positive word-of-mouth then you might just have the next big hit viral on your hands, but keep it short.

The best web videos are measured in seconds. Anything over 4 or 5 minutes is dangerously long; only the already-franchised will stick with it to the end. Well-made Web Ads deliver new customers, they don't merely preach to the converted, what's more they are more affordable, less demanding on bandwidth and more readily updatable than an epic.

Make it short. Make it remarkable.



February 16th, 2009

Is there a silver lining in this "Credit Crunch"?
This question was asked during a recent Institute of Professional Advertising (IPA) seminar and the answer was... Yes.

A market downturn in 1976 saw the price of chocolate rise dramatically, Mars kept faith with their flagship product, Mars bars, but raised the price. Sales did not fall off. Rowntree tinkered with their flagship product, KitKat, thinned the chocolate coating to keep the price constant, sales fell away, customer satisfaction dwindled and it took some time to regain lost ground.

Whilst this is an example to keep faith with the product or services your business deals in, this must be communicated to your existing and potential customers. Signalize can help you do this.

A Signalize corporate video will inform, entertain and prove an excellent investment in this time of gloom.

Following on from the story above, Rowntree as part of their battle to regain public opinion experimented with a thicker chocolate bar, slightly higher priced than Mars and now the Yorkie bar is one of the most popular brands in the shops.

Take us at our word.

Try our product and let a Signalize Corporate Video help you find your silver lining.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


January 20th, 2009

Experiment with Corporate Video
The quiz show "Countdown" is a national institution: the television programme heralded the launch of Channel 4 in 1982. It may have seemed a strange choice, but more than two and a half decades later the show has gone beyond cult status, survived the death of the well-loved host Richard Whiteley and since the controversial departure of Carol Vorderman is enjoying an increase in viewing figures.

But this is more than just television trivia, it's also an example of how change can be good: trying something new can improve a tried and tested product. After a few false starts - things started to look a little "Des"perate without "twice nightly" at the helm - the programme has a promising new host in the guise of Jeff Stelling.

While he might not be a household name for the "Countdown" audience, Jeff Stelling has gained near-legendary status as the anchor of "Soccer Saturday": Sky Sports' six-hour marathon of football statistics and schoolboy banter. And while Rachel Riley has replaced Carol Vorderman with little fuss, Jeff Stelling's appointment generated some debate amongst "Countdown" afficianados.

Yet this unlikely pairing of afternoon quiz show and savant-like sports presenter has helped to re-invigorate the programme. And the team at Signalize can do the same for your business: commission a corporate video from them and breath new life into your website and watch your audience grow!

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


January 10th, 2009

Corporate Video Conundrum
Corporate video is a big stick to beat dropping interest in your website. As big sticks go, it's subtly flexible in its usage. You might say corporate video is a "cooperative rod". Since it gets your show on the road, it's also a "proactive rodeo" and because it goes into battle for your business by speaking volumes on your behalf, it is most certainly "a voiced trooper".

Yep, you've guessed it; these are all anagrams of "corporate video". And there's one more that is true: corporate video is an "ace provider too"!

"Internet video" on the other hand can be an "eventide intro" working the nightshift to introduce your company to new prospects, never tiring, never losing enthusiasm, in fact positively "riveted in tone". And once you have the "nerve to indite" an internet video, you'll want to choose your provider wisely.

You'll want your "visage lionized", you'll want a provider that "idolizes a given" and understands your "size-loving idea". In other words, no matter how you mix it up, you'll want "Signalize Video"!

With your "web video" hosted there'll be one question on your lips: "do we vibe?", and if you used Signalize, the answer will definitely be 'yes'!



December 20th, 2008

Invest in Video
January 2009 ushers in a New Year - I almost said "welcomes" - and puts into office the victor in one of the most globally watched events in recent times: Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the USA. Part of his winning strategy was a simple, high visibility, cost effective and mass-audience reaching way to get his message across...


Whilst the cost of his campaign was estimated at some $720M (CBS News 5-11-08), a $1M video can almost slip unnoticed. However, the video played on major television networks, MySpace, YouTube and more pertinently, his own website.

Imagine what you could do if you could tap into that potential for yourself, your business and its products or services.


A Signalize corporate video won't make you president but it will go just as far to raise awareness of your business and it can be just as simple and cost effective. Signalize can consult with you, then prepare a unique tailored video presentation to get your message across that won't cost a million. In this time of financial constraint they offer an absolute bargain and it costs nothing to call them in to discuss your requirements.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


November 30th, 2008

Corporate video - something to rely on
These are uncertain times: look at any newspaper, news channel or online newsfeed and the headlines are doom-laden. For example, Retail Week's news page lacks any festive cheer: "Moss Bros warns on profits"; "John Lewis sales fail to sparkle"; "CBI survey: Retailers fear dire Christmas"; "Retail failures up 17 per cent"…

And it isn't just the high street that is in turmoil: terrorist attacks in Mumbai; pirates hijacking oil tankers; protestors close Bangkok airport. Like poor Chicken Licken - the hen from the children's storybook - you might think " the sky is falling in"! But when America has just chosen for its next president Barack Obama whose slogan was "Change We Need", a house on the exclusive Sandbanks peninsular can be won with a £25 "raffle" ticket and non-league Histon FC can knock Leeds United out of the FA Cup then uncertainty can be a good thing.

If you are unsure about the benefits that using corporate video on your website can bring to your business then talk to Signalize. They have the expertise to help you get the maximum benefit from even the most modest of investments. And you can be certain that it won't cost you a thing to find out more.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


November 16th, 2008

The benefits of web video
A dear friend of mine recently used the word “latecomedone”. Dear as she is, she can be troublesome (she comes from up North), so it was with trepidation that I pulled her up to ask what “latecomedone” meant. This interrupted her flow and by the time we sorted out definitions, and she overcame her tetchiness at my suggestion that “latecomedone” isn’t even a real word, she’d completely lost her thread and our communication broke down.

It’s one thing to have a message, but in order to get that message across you need to communicate it, which involves having it understood. Speaking the same language as your target audience is critical. Without an engaging flow whatever you are attempting to deliver will pull up short of the mark and leave your prospect failing to get the point – or worse; getting the wrong point altogether.

Signalize provide corporate video productions designed to speak the language of your targets. Video communicates with moving image, which in this broadcast era is a universal language. Signalize translate your message and communicate it so that it will be understood. Don’t be a “latecomedone” (someone who arrives late!) to the benefits of web video. Call Signalize now.



November 4th, 2008

Beat YouTube at their own game
"Video" derives from the Latin for "I see" and thanks to the web, people can see video worldwide, any time.

At the recent Online Media awards the amazing statistic was given that 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

I had to find my glasses to read that twice!

13 hours every minute, and it will grow as broadband speeds increase and video capture equipment gets smaller and cheaper.

It was highlighted, however, by Alan Kay, a computer scientist, (I didn't know they existed either) there is only one winner in this, the YouTube website. They get your video, charge to put an advert in front of it and they get the hundreds of millions of viewers every day.

Your website can use a Signalize corporate video for the same principle but with one big difference, you win.

Don't panic, it's not 13 hours of video on your website!

A Signalize corporate video made for you, running on your website, advertising your product, raising awareness of your business and helping turn your viewers into your customers, will work for you and it's your business that reaps the benefit.

Let Signalize help you win the business battle.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


October 19th, 2008

Corporate video is here to stay
This year's Streaming Media Europe event features a keynote address by Digby Lewis from Dailymotion. Never heard of Dailymotion? It is the world's second largest video entertainment web site - pipped to the post by a certain YouTube, a web site you probably have heard of already. But more importantly for the purposes of this article it is the fiftieth largest web site globally.

Just stop and think about that for a moment: the fiftieth largest web site in the world today is a video entertainment site. Which suggests incorporating video on your company's web site is a good thing. What better way to encourage casual internet browsers to not only visit your web site but to linger there for longer.

Because corporate video will entice browsers to visit your web site. Which brings them a step closer to becoming a customer. And enticing corporate video is what Signalize does best. They can meet with you today and discuss your needs. And they offer an individual service which is tailor-made to your company's requirements.

Contact Signalize today and find out how you can use corporate video on your web site. The initial consultation won't cost you a penny and could make you a packet!

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


September 22nd, 2008

Corporate video, corporate video, corporate video
Corporate video, corporate video, corporate video… everybody's talking about corporate video… especially video for the web, video testimonials, and web adverts. Corporate video for your website is the must-have-thing, and yet so many businesses are failing to engage their potential customers with moving image presence because they fear the cost, and they fear the complications.

The truth is that it isn't complicated at all. Signalize script, shoot, edit, format and deliver your corporate video with very little disruption to you. Signalize's pre-production consultation process puts you in control, absolutely free of any fee, but leaves all the creative, logistical and technical headaches with them. As for cost, corporate video on the web is currently the most cost-efficient means to accessing broadcast media and represents the most affordable route to targeted moving image advertising available to small and medium sized businesses - no longer is TV-style advertising an advantage enjoyed only by multinational corporations and companies with major marketing budgets.

So… corporate video, corporate video, corporate video… everybody's talking about corporate video… wouldn't it be good if they were all talking about your corporate video?! To make it happen, talk about corporate video yourself; talk corporate video for free, with Signalize.



August 30th, 2008

The lost BBC viewers
A recent BBC survey found that 43% of Britons who watch video online at least once a week said they watched normal TV less. To the BBC that is a lot of missing viewers.

One of the recent high audience BBC series was "Lord Peter Wimsey", its creator, Dorothy L Sayers, was working as an advertising copywriter when she wrote:

"It pays to advertise".

That still holds true.

Increasing numbers of people are "surfing the net" daily and, with broadband delivery expanding, they watch intriguing and entertaining video online.

Corporate Video can be that and more. It is pertinent to your business, a 24/7 salesman, delivering the same message, countless times (for only one payment).

Video was an expensive medium, a luxury only available to the big corporations. No more! Web and digital technology has developed to reduce costs to such a degree that small business can now compete with the "big boys" on their own turf.

Take on the BBC… A Signalize Corporate video on your website would establish your presence, get your company's message across to millions of potential customers and, with our blend of creativity and know how, entertain those missing viewers.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


August 16th, 2008

Signalize Corporate Video - better than an Olympic gold medal
It would be difficult not to notice that the Beijing Olympic games are in full swing right now with the media making much of the medal tallies. And whilst there is much to admire in the endeavours of the athletes who are participating in China they don't translate very well into the business world. After all, no-one wants to do business with an amateur - your customers expect a professional!

And whereas the Olympic spirit is all about the taking part, in business winning is everything. In the sports world it is all very well to spend four years training for a race that will be over in 10 seconds, but running a successful business is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. You certainly can't take your foot off the gas when faced with the current challenging economic climate: just when you feel like giving up is when you must try harder.

And whilst people may revel in the sort of glorious failure that was "Eagle Eddie" the one thing you don't want in business is the reputation of being "a trier". What you need to do is flaunt your success at every opportunity. And what is the best way to "flaunt it"? - by using corporate video. Which is where Signalize can help: contact them today and discover how corporate video can work for your business.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


August 8th, 2008

Web Video
According to one of my larger dictionaries, depression is an abnormal lowering of the rate of any function or activity. In particular, it is a state of gloom and melancholy accompanied by feelings of inadequacy and a lack of energy - so, three cheers to the media for talking us all into a state of depression.

For sure, owners of small businesses are feeling somewhat miserable, inadequate and without energy, but why? For the most part, "the economy" is a measure of business activity, in particular the movement of money. It's as if industry has become hypnotised with one thought: slow down. Evidently, if in anticipation of a feared slow down, everyone slows down, then the slow down is self-fulfilling. But, those with money still have it, and those without it still want it.

During depression, the money is still there; it just isn't moving around so much. Therefore, if you are one of those who want it, don't get depressive, get aggressive. Now is the time to reach out to your reluctant prospects and convince them to move their money your way. The most persuasive and economic form of marketing available today is web video; especially Signalize web video.



August 2nd, 2008

Signalize Corporate Video
150 years ago a Portsmouth born author wrote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".

He could equally have written it today in the current depression.

BUT, corporate video, especially online via company websites or hosted sites is defying trends and proving to be one of the few growth areas in this current 'crunch' time. (the website for the Department for Business Enterprise and Reform) forecast that video is the fastest growing ad category, predicting video advertising will grow 45% over the next year compared to 37% for social media.

What's more, a report published by iMedia Communication, a leading media analysis company, states that video is proving to be the highest performing unit online: it outperforms all traditional display units on brand recall and lift in purchase intent. The cost effectiveness of a corporate video in attracting customers to a website, staying on site, engaging with the company and its products and, more importantly, becoming a customer is now surpassing traditional advertising.

Use a Signalize corporate video to help your business engage in this process. Get creative, technical and research solutions from a company who understands the unique power of corporate video. They can provide compelling solutions and results, to harness the power and impact of online and deliverable video, and enable your business to flourish.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


July 20th, 2008

Credit Crunch? - Fight Back with Corporate Video!
A recent survey from IMRG, Capgemini and the British Retail Consortium reports that online sales now make up almost 20% of total British retail spending. With shoppers facing the credit crunch, higher inflation, escalating fuel costs, increases in energy bills, and forecasts of worse to come, the report concludes that they are being driven to look harder to find better bargains - and online retail is coming out on top.

So how can Signalize Corporate Video help in these testing times? Well, for one thing, they can show you how to use moving image on the internet to entice browsers to visit your website, stay on your website, and what's most important, buy from your website. Mike Petevinos, head of retail consulting at Capgemini said "Convenience has a sharper edge in a world of soaring fuel prices and the ability to research and make more informed choices in a time of heightened price sensitivity is a key advantage of the online channel".

In other words, since it's so expensive to "go" shopping, people are "staying in" shopping. Now really is the time to get an internet shop front, and a Signalize web video to do the business for your business.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


July 12th, 2008

Singing in the Rain
I went for a run in the rain this morning. In fact, it was more than just rain, it was a wind-driven deluge; truly inclement. I delayed, in hope the climate would improve, but in the end I had to accept that unless I changed my plan entirely and allowed myself to be deterred from my intended activity, then I was going to suffer a bit of discomfort. And suffer I did. However about 5K into the 10K route the weather cleared (not entirely but enough for running to be more comfortable) and I felt very satisfied that I had stuck to my guns. In the end I put in one of my best times this year, but, more importantly, I knew I was in control, not the climate.

All businesses are running in an inclement climate right now. High fuel costs, the credit crunch, and inflation, are the corporate equivalent of a wind-driven deluge. But you must still run, you must be in control. Don't let the climate deter you from your intended activity. When the going gets tough, the tough get promoting! Through corporate video, web ads, and DVD mailshots, Signalize will keep you singing in the rain.



June 28th, 2008

Why Use Video?
The short answer is that video is an effective marketing tool. And if you want the long answer...

A well-crafted corporate video is engaging and informative. People like to look at images linked with sound. In a study carried out by researchers at Wharton Business School, (the world's first collegiate business school, established in 1881) in support of its core mission "to create and disseminate business knowledge and information" it was shown that watching a good corporate video led to an increase in information retention by up to 50% more than reading printed material.

The same study went on to analyse the effectiveness of video as a means of direct marketing. Results showed that "video direct mail response rates can be up to 600% higher than print and that when video is used it can speed up the buying decision process by 72%".

So the long and short answer is: Video can help you achieve your marketing objectives.


an even shorter answer is:


Signalize will consult and take you through the whole process to produce corporate video for you to use whichever way works best for your business. Get in touch with us today, it costs nothing to ask, but could prove costly not to.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


June 15th, 2008

Turn Browsers into Customers with a Movie
Gosport-based video production company Signalize Ltd is urging companies along the south coast to make the most of their websites - by adding moving pictures.

Managing Director Steve Longhurst says professionally-produced video keeps surfers on your website longer and increases your chance of doing business with them.

'Internet users are enticed by websites showing interesting material. 9 billion videos were viewed on-line last year. Most companies now recognise the importance of a web presence, we help them put that presence to effective use,' said Steve.

Signalize Ltd supply videos for training, promotion and other corporate purposes; promos, demos and showreels and has in-house digital capture, special effects and editing facilities.

The company took occupation of a light industrial unit in Gosport's Regent Trade Park in July 2007 and launched their web video service shortly after. Run by a skilled team experienced in feature film production the company brings professional production standards within the reach of local and regional businesses. Steve added: 'We make videos that work. We take the time to find out exactly what the video needs to achieve, then we write, shoot, edit and format it ready for web hosting.'

Recent satisfied customers include Gosport Borough Council, the Gosport Ferry and the Airport Body Shop. Prices start at below £1,000.

For more information, contact Steve on 01329 221958.

Karen Woods
Karen Woods Journalism & Communications Ltd.


May 20th, 2008

Dorito Armadillo!
Perhaps this isn't strictly corporate video, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to share a Web Ad with a difference. Working in conjunction with Steve Longhurst and Paul Leon, Fyn Day entered a national competition to make a 30 second advert for Doritos. It stars his son, also named Fyn Day, as the "Dorito Armadillo", a young man who entertains himself in the absence of his housemates. However, when those housemates, played by two of Fyn junior's real life friends, Basil Gibson and Andrew Jamieson, do return home they get quite a surprise!

Check it out at the link below, and if you like it give it a rating; the lads would appreciate your support. Now I said this isn't strictly corporate video. It was done mostly for fun and very quickly - shot in a matter of hours, edited and immediately uploaded. The presentation isn't great either! It was shot in a 16:9 aspect ratio, and if Signalize were displaying this it would be hosted in the right format, that's down to Doritos. But what this little film does demonstrate is creativity. Given time, and the right hosting, imagine what could be achieved for your business.

Dorito Armadillo!

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


May 17th, 2008

Free Corporate Video
Corporate video, especially Signalize corporate video (corporate video tailor-made, purpose-driven, and deliberately targeted) is an astounding opportunity just waiting to be exploited. Available to everyone with a website, and recent surveys show that 99% of businesses recognise the value of a website (not that 99% of businesses actually have a website!) corporate video presented on the internet turns browsers into customers and works tirelessly, 24-hours-a-day, to deliver any message, of any length or complexity, accurately, reliably, and so cheaply as to be of negligible cost.

Signalize corporate video is virtually free. Yes! Nothing per minute! Suppose you invest £5000 in a five-minute corporate video, which Signalize helpfully put up onto your website. Then let's say a thousand of your website browsers watch it every week. In a year that's 260,000 minutes of play. But, of course, every play of a digital video is as superb as the first. It never runs out, it never decays. In ten years time it will play as well as the first minute it was made. By which time, 2,600,000 minutes later, it will have cost you less than 0.2p a minute. Virtually free! Use web video, it costs more not to.



May 11th, 2008

Why Have Video on Your Website?
An article in The Financial Times (25th May 2007) held the opinion, "Your website is like a digital business card, the first look at your company that a customer gets. With luck it won't be the last". A year on and that opinion still holds.

Net surfers do exactly that, ride waves from site to site. The main purpose of the site, particularly the home page, is to respond to their interest, attract their attention and, specifically with business websites, invoke a desire to do business with the company.

Research carried out by MSN and online advertising agency Doubleclick has shown that websites with video keep 78% of the surfers past the "30 seconds click off" point and 82% of viewers said they would be more likely to buy from a company that has a website including a corporate video.

Signalize specialise in creating corporate video, not just for your website but a bespoke product for your business that can show:
  • A dynamic insight into your products and services.
  • A demonstration of the functions of the various departments of your company and convey the skills of your workforce and quality of your product.
  • Corporate video with its associated viewing and distribution methods, such as your company websites or mailshot DVDs, can be a unique and powerful marketing and sales medium.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


May 3rd, 2008

One in Four
According to Lycos, one in four retail dollars are spent online. Just take a moment to consider the magnitude of that comment. "Retail spend" is obviously difficult to define, and even harder to visualise because it's so huge! The global economy in 2008, estimated by the International Monetary Fund, is in the order of $50 trillion. That includes financial services, energy expenditure, capital investments, and other spends not deemed retail, which account, on average, for three quarters of household budgets - leaving a trifling $12 trillion global retail spend. If one in four of these are spent online, that is $3 trillion, and you really would like a slice of that!

However, shoppers, worried about the credit crunch, food prices and fuel costs, need to be seduced to part with their cash. Households reduce spending on non-essentials in the face of economic uncertainty. Since gas prices and credit card interest are out of their hands, they watch what they spend on little things. And if you're a retailer, then "little things" means you. So how do you seduce them into consumers confident in your products? Corporate video on your website is the answer, and it won't cost a trillion dollars!



April 13th, 2008

Online Video Revenues
According to a recent forecast report [by Informa Telecoms & Media] it is estimated that revenues generated by UK online TV and video services are expected to reach $842 million this year. This market is second only to the US in revenue, ahead of Japan. And when you consider that the recent Writers Guild strike - which brought Hollywood production to a near standstill for many months - had online revenues at the centre of the dispute you start to realise how seriously this sector is now taken.

Signalize can help your business to share in a slice of this rapidly expanding market: they take the time to understand your business, so that the corporate video they produce will work hard for you. No matter what your requirements Signalize will work with you from brainstorming to broadcasting to make the whole process straightforward, enjoyable and successful.

Whatever your business, no matter your size, Signalize is best placed to make corporate video work for you. From a 15 second web ad to a full DVD marketing package they have the experience and the skills to exceed your expectations and help your business to explore the possibilities that incorporating corporate video into a new or existing website can offer.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


April 5th, 2008

Internet Video for You
People are used to watching TV advertisements. ITV was launched in 1955 and ever since then millions of British viewers have enjoyed a huge variety of outstanding advertising campaigns.

Browsers now watch online advertising in rapidly growing numbers. Figures given by The Online Publishers Association state that in 2007 some staggering 9 billion videos were viewed across the World Wide Web. They also report that more than a quarter of Internet users regularly watch video online.

In 2006 the "tipping point" was reached whereby the spend on conventional advertising was matched by that of online advertising. Todd Herman, MSN Video's streaming media controller, says 23 of the top 50 brands in the US, including Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Ford, take online video seriously enough to allocate considerable budgets, but you don't need to have a "big" business to enjoy the benefits of Internet Video: all you need is a website and a few minutes to call Signalize to discuss your needs.

By the way, if you don't have a website but still want to tap into the potential of Internet Video, call anyway. Signalize don't do websites, but they have partnerships with companies that do.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


February 29th, 2008

User Experience
Have you noticed how your browsing habits are guided by the nature of the websites you "land on"? Just think for a moment how you find yourself moving quickly from bland and unenticing text-only sites but lingering longer on media rich pages filled with delights... Consider the fact that you choose to invest time in watching internet video - look at the massive popularity of websites like YouTube - so why wouldn't your own target browsers?

And such appealing content shouldn't be dismissed as the preserve of large corporations: take a look at the sites of businesses based right here in Gosport, like Gosport Ferries and the Airport Bodyshop, who have recognised the benefits of hosting video content. With Signalize on your side, you can attract the attention of the casual visitor, tempting them to explore your website further as well as encouraging your existing customers to visit your site on a regular basis.

Signalize makes the whole process straightforward and cost effective. We can guide you through from the initial stages of planning your video all the way to hosting the finished product on your website. Contact Signalize now to discover for yourself how persuasive internet video can be and give your visitors a rewarding user experience.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


February 22nd, 2008

Why "Video for Hosting or Posting"?
Signalize calls it "video for hosting or posting" because although corporate video can be put to multiple uses, the most popular are hosting on a website or posting to targeted prospects.

There's no doubt that video enhances your website. RealNetworks have done extensive research and released compelling evidence. Video can also be placed remotely, at a site such as YouTube, to promote your business. If suitably tagged, such a video drives browsers to your door.

So much for "hosting", but what about "posting"?

Signalize corporate video can be included on a DVD for use as a mailshot. DVD mailshots are so much more effective than printed matter mailshots that they work out to be more economic. Not only is there less wastage, because more targets retain and view a DVD than keep and read a brochure, but the conversion rate from DVDs is significantly higher. Disney found people 70% more likely to visit a destination after seeing it on video than in a brochure. You can reap this benefit easily, as Signalize not only produces the video, but the DVD package as well, and mails it to your targets.

Hosting or posting, do either or both, and Signalize will manage the entire process.



February 8th, 2008

Using Corporate Video to Inform
Corporate Video is not new, the roots of the modern digital film equivalent comes from the many training films produced during the Second World War. A large amount of people from disparate backgrounds had to be trained and informed as quickly and memorably as possible. This is just as relevant today because information, especially via websites, has to be conveyed to potential customers quickly and effectively.

A particularly successful film produced during the conflict covered parachuting, as the War Department found that:
  • Not many men had been in an aeroplane.
  • Even fewer had stepped out of one.

Confidence grew among the viewers when they saw how parachutes were designed, manufactured, packaged and used - even more so when they saw testimonials from veterans of multiple drops.

Whilst you may not want viewers of your website to step out of an aeroplane, showing potential customers how your product is designed, manufactured and used, and including video testimonials from satisfied customers, significantly increases confidence in your company, its products, its processes and its personnel, which ultimately leads to increased sales.

This is where Signalize can help. Understanding the needs of modern businesses, we specialize in Corporate Video for Web Ads, Video Testimonials and DVD Mailshots, all geared towards encouraging your customers to take the plunge.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director


January 18th, 2008

Web Video - the Signalize Way
Your website needs video content. No apology for being blunt; it is plain fact. If your business has a website, and very few modern businesses thrive without an internet presence, then that website needs video. Because that website is your shopfront on the worldwide web, and it needs to appeal to your existing customers and also needs to attract new ones. Including video content helps to achieve both.

Perhaps you think web video is beyond your grasp; too complicated for you to bother with. Or perhaps you believe it requires too much time and would need effort that you cannot give due to your busy working schedule. But actually neither of these is true. Signalize make the whole process trouble-free and deliver to you a truly completely finished product, tailor-made but readily deployed.

Signalize don't just make corporate video; they make corporate video solutions. Maybe a fully packaged DVD prepared for a mailshot, or perhaps a ready-to-host web ad converted to the optimum format to simply upload and be available to play. You chose. There are myriad ways to make use of corporate video, but there are no longer many excuses not to. Your website needs video. Your video needs Signalize.

Vicky Stone
Interface Manager


January 11th, 2008

Put Yourself in the Picture
A study done by RealNetworks, pioneers in video streaming, shows that visitors linger at websites using video 78% longer than websites that have no video. In other words, such is the attraction in this day and age to moving pictures, that people coming to your website - either intentionally or not - will be significantly more interested in it if there is a video available for them to watch.

Now obviously, this video could be about almost anything. Corporate video once meant dry and boring video. The modern era of digital production techniques has opened up a vast treasure trove of creativity, just look at some of the animated creations offered by Signalize for instance, but it isn't necessary to spend a fortune or commission an epic FX driven corporate video to get your message across.

Simple web ads and video testimonials can be created easily and effectively using tailor-made footage shot for your purposes and making the corporate video on your website relevant and interesting to your potential customers. You can literally put yourself in the picture. Which, incidentally, according to RealNetworks, carries another huge advantage. When consumers were asked "Would seeing video on the company's website increase your comfort level in doing business on-line?" 73.4% said it would.



January 7th, 2008

Using Corporate Video
Corporate video is not new. Digital film making may be a modern concept but it is just another example of ideas being conveyed by whatever medium is under development. As with a lot of technology World War 2 saw an opening for the use of film for conveying information and led to a massive increase in the production of training films and "virtual" factory visits.

This methodology still works and can be utilised to a commissioning company's advantage as they enable the viewer to see the company at work, not just its machinery but the people, the corporate video can demonstrate new procedures and viewers can see and hear video testimonials from customers.

After a corporate video is commissioned and produced to meet the needs of the company it can be utilised in a variety of ways:
  • Shown as an attention grabber at an exhibition stand, generating interest in an audience of potential customers.
  • Hosted on a website, acting as a "virtual" 24 hour a day sales representative.
  • Stored on a sales representative's laptop, enabling a thorough demonstration of production or manufacturing of an item.
  • Used in DVD mail-shots, replacing or augmenting printed brochures as studies have shown that people are more likely to view discs than read brochures.

Steve Longhurst
Managing Director



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