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What does Signalize provide?
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What does Signalize provide?

All Signalize corporate video is bespoke. Each commission is tailored in response to the client's requirements with regard to both video content and eventual method of delivery. Signalize goes further than most corporate video production companies in ensuring that the finished product is not only attractive but also fully functional. The prices quoted are for formatted-to-perform, "Internet-hostable" or "mailshot-postable", video. Signalize doesn't deliver the video to you and then walk away, Signalize delivers the video to your target audience.

To appreciate how comprehensive the Signalize service is, look at this illustration of the entry-level Internet Video package aimed at local businesses. This entire solution costs only 840 (that's under a thousand pounds even with VAT) and covers everything from concept to conclusion. There are no extra costs, and there are no extra elements needed for a brilliantly effective, working, 90-second Internet video.

This is what the package includes:
  • A personal briefing session with senior production staff to agree the concept, style, and relevant message of the video.
  • Professional scripting, storyboarding and pre-production management.
  • An entire day's shooting - on location - with lighting, synchronised digital sound recording, supplementary equipment, and crew as required.
  • Professional editing of digital film and sound with the inclusion of company logos, graphics, and titling.
  • Provision and inclusion of suitable music, if required.
  • Reformatting of finished video for Internet viewing, optimised for inclusion on company website.
  • Delivery of ready-formatted files direct to client's website manager with full instructions for simple, proven, web hosting.
All that for 840! Internet Video pays for itself.


What is a Web Ad?
A Web Ad is a video presentation, perhaps as short as 15 seconds and usually no longer than a minute, which promotes the activities of a business. This Ad is found on the business's website. It doesn't necessarily involve live corporate video, it might be purely a moving graphic, but it does always involve a strong promotional message and is proven to cause visitors to the website to stay longer and increases the likelihood of them doing business. A Web Ad can cost as little as 250.

What is Internet Video?
Internet Video is simply corporate video formatted to be viewed over the Internet. It can be as diverse as any corporate video, ranging from promotional films and video testimonials (see below) to news announcements and product launches. It might even extend to an entire series of presentations such as an education or training course. There is an art to producing good Internet Video, but once created the same corporate video can be used for other delivery methods, such as DVD or broadcast.

What is a Video Testimonial?
Video Testimonials are usually live recordings of recommendations from existing or previous clients. They are powerful convincers that motivate prospects to employ the business being recommended. In many industries, of which construction, building, demolition, engineering, architecture, landscaping and even cosmetic surgery are but a few examples, Video Testimonials can include video footage of earlier "projects" during stages of planning, progression and completion. They start at under 1000.

What is an Internet Commercial?
Internet Commercials are the Internet's equivalent of television commercials. They are the same length as a Web Ad, but have higher production values. They almost always involve live footage, CGI, or both to depict a dramatic recommendation of a service or product. They require more planning, scripting and development, and often involve actors, or even a celebrity. The extra time and complexity impacts on the budget, which can be in excess of 35,000 - but the results are impressive.

What is a DVD Mailshot?
Direct mail is an important tool in both business-to-business and retail marketing. Nevertheless, as effective as a good printed brochure might be, it suffers from enormous wastage. In other words, many of the intended target audience simply throw them away without reading them. People who bin brochures spin DVDs, making the costs of producing a DVD for the purposes of direct mail no greater, per target reached, than its printed counterpart. And yet, in this broadcast era, DVDs are a far more persuasive way to carry your sales message.

The difference can be dramatic. Disney discovered people who viewed a travel related DVD were 70% more likely to visit that destination than others who had merely seen a printed brochure. And yet, with the right design, the DVD is carried in a sleeve that still allows for strong printed media presence. You have the best of both worlds!

The all-in cost of video production, DVD design and authoring, sleeve design and full-colour printing, DVD disc design and full-colour printing, DVD duplication, address labelling, and even mailing including first class post can be as little as 96 pence per DVD.

Contact us for a free appointment to outline your objectives. Your only commitment is to your own business.
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