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Why Video?

We are living in an era when everything is caught on camera. The Stone Age, the Iron Age, and even the Space Age, have all given way to the TV Age. To complete this evolution the boundaries between traditional broadcasting and computer viewed multimedia have all but broken down completely. The same corporate video footage can now be used on the web, for broadcast and for DVD, utilising all media for the widest roll out of your message.

In training, video can relay expertise and policies to trainees without the need for expensive seminars or to have trainers permanently on hand. It is by far the most cost-effective technique to maintain an up-to-date work force and an easy way to oversee just what your workforce is being taught.

And in sales and promotions video is the most involving of all marketing materials. For instance, prospects who viewed a travel-related video were shown to be 70% more likely to visit the destination depicted than a similar group who received only a standard printed brochure. Prospects who bin brochures, spin DVDs.

Corporate video has evolved; DVDs are enticing and fun. And if your clients find them enticing, then so should you. The DVD is a versatile, cost-effective, and durable tool, useful in all areas of business. Whatís more, many clients in your target market have never known life without computers. For them, using multimedia communication is second nature. In fact, a lot of them will disregard anything that canít be viewed on their computer screen. Technology is no longer an obstacle, itís an expectation. Companies that donít give their message as a compelling, graphic-rich, audio-visual experience are suffering as a result.
Signalize Corporate Video on DVD as your messenger.
If you need to disseminate information to remote personnel, send a message of encouragement to your workforce, announce a change in policy or a new product line, why not commission a DVD presentation? It's the closest thing to a personal one-to-one other than a personal one-to-one!

Signalize Corporate Video on DVD as your salesman.
If you need point-of-sale contact with customers to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product or service, at trade exhibitions or on the shop floor, why not commission a DVD presentation that will never tire or forget your sales message?

Signalize Corporate Video on DVD as your product.
If you offer consultancy or training services, or if you are a musician or stage performer, why not commission a DVD presentation that you can reproduce (or Signalize can reproduce for you) and you can retail?

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