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Why You?

Two million years ago our ancestors were not men, but by one million years ago they had discovered fire, the fashioning of tools and the creating of images. This set them apart; this moved them forward.

400,000-year-old spears have been unearthed which are 2 metres long and weighted like javelins with an intentional centre of gravity. Each is carved from Spruce and the tip of the spear comes from the base of the tree where the wood is hardest. This demonstrates planning, skill and an understanding of technology and the potential of materials. Manís progression relied on mastering these talents which today are each strongly represented within the structure of Signalize and the corporate videos we produce.

It is the laying down of signs and the skill to read them that separates man from beast. Symbols are the instruments that convert raw intelligence into culture. Without symbols our lives would be immediate appetites and sensations limited by a past from which we could never learn. With no ability to read signs we would be at the mercy of a future we could never anticipate, and for which we could never prepare.

Man used images and invented language to communicate thoughts and concepts to express ideas that identify the forces that surround him and enable manipulation of his environment. This is as fundamental a need in business as it was in nature.


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